The Five Most Wonderful Norway Fjords To Cruise

1. Geirangerfjord

The deep blue water, the beautiful mountain landscape, and the beautiful waterfalls and natural surroundings make a cruise through Geirangerfjord an unforgettable experience. This is one of Norway’s most famous and popular fjords for cruising. The peaks of the mountains are covered with white snow, which contrasts beautifully with the blue of the water and the abundant vegetation in some areas. The majestic beauty and sense of wonder you will experience as you cruise along this beautiful waterway are invaluable.

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2. Fjaerlandsfjord

If the Norwegian fjords and glaciers are what you travel here to see, then a cruise along the Fjaerlandsfjord can offer you both. This fjord leads to the fantastic Jostedalsbreen Glacier and offers beautiful vistas at every turn during the cruise. The peaceful surroundings and natural beauty make this cruise a very popular cruise, and this fjord is one of the most famous fjord destinations if you want a spectacular cruise you will never forget.

3. Hjorundfjord

The Hjorundfjord in Norway is simply awe-inspiring. On your cruise, whether you choose a large cruise ship or prefer to use a kayak or other smaller boat, you will see the most impressive scenery and spectacular views you will find anywhere in the country or even the world. As you glide past towering glaciers and impressive mountains, you’ll see a side of Norway that few get to experience, one you’ll want to return to again.

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4. Sognefjord

The longest and deepest of all Norwegian fjords, Sognefjord is a natural paradise, with many different aspects and visual contrasts. A cruise through the fjord is breathtaking and winter is a popular time for this activity as the waterfalls freeze and the landscape changes significantly. You will see farms on the mountain slopes, high mountain peaks covered in snow and enjoy the famous hospitality and friendliness of the people of this country. You may even see Norway’s oldest stave church, which was first established in the year 1150 and still stands today.

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5. Hafrsfjord

Hafrsfjord is one of Norway’s most famous fjords to pass by. The Swords in Rock monument marks the spot along this fjord where the country of Norway became one in 872 AD. The beautiful surroundings and serene atmosphere make this cruise a cruise that you will enjoy regardless of your preferences and preferences. This bay offers fantastic views and the population of the towns and villages along the fjord is very welcoming and friendly.

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