Taxi Driver needed in Qatar

Friendly, well-groomed applicants with clean driving records are the most sought-after candidates for taxi driver positions. Candidates with schedule flexibility are preferred, as 12-hour shifts, night, holiday, and weekend work are often required. Flexibility to travel is a plus as well, as trips outside the city of employment are made occasionally.  There are no formal education requirements for taxi drivers; however, the position does have minimum age requirements that vary from state to state. This age requirement ranges from 21 – 26. Drivers are also required to be licensed in the state in which he or she will be driving, and motor vehicle records are checked for violations. The preference is for applicants with a two to five-year period of no violations, based on the state of employment.


Taxi Driver Duties and Responsibilities

1)Picking up a cab from garages before the start of shift and check fuel levels and proper functioning of brakes and controls.
2)Helping passengers load and unload their baggage and assisting with luggage, groceries, wheelchairs, and walkers.
3)Abiding by regulations regarding taxi operation and ensuring the safety and security of passengers.
4)Coordinated with dispatchers, customer service representatives, office personnel and customers.


Professional Skills

-Hands-on experience in driving cabs across three states, picking up passengers from the airport and railway station.
-Operational knowledge of the automotive functionalities of a car and their repairs.
-Solid understanding of traffic rules, safety regulations, and fare collection policies.
-Proficient in skillful driving, avoiding traffic, taking shortcuts and dropping off passengers in time to their destination

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