Multiple Jobs Available in Canada

Several manufacturing and productions companies are hiring in multiple job position and titles. Below we have collected the list of urgent job positions in Canada. Companies are granting work permit visa in Canada for the year 2018. Interested, qualified and experienced candidates can apply with their latest CV and other necessary documents

Cleaner Job Vacancies in Canada

Job Position Available in Canada

  • General Farm Labour- 40
  • Delivery driver- 20
  • Receptionist- 25
  • Waiter/Waitress- 125
  • Electrician- 20
  • Painters- 50
  • Welder- 50
  • Plumber- 60
  • Accountant- 10
  • Baby Doll Maker-25
  • Textile Factory Workers- 200
  • Security Guard- 35
  • Forklift operator-20

Salary and Other Benefits

Competitive Salary + Overtime Bonus + Food and Accommodation Allowances + Other Fringe Benefits + Health Insurance. Candidates can apply for permanent resident (PR) visa after 2 years of work.

Restaurant Manager Job Available in Canada

Minimum Requirement for the JOB

To apply for the job, candidates must have to following requirements. If you feel that you are fit for this job then fill up the online application form.

  • General skill of reading and speaking English language
  • Minimum education: High School passed
  • Experience is not necessary
  • Age must be in range of 21 to 39
  • Valid Passport and other documents
Construction Worker Needed in Canada

How to Apply for the Job

To apply for the Sheep Farm Jobs, please read all the instructions and job descriptions carefully, If you think you are perfect for the job then fill up the online job application form. If you are selected for the job you will be informed very soon

Farm worker Needed in Canada