Kuwait Airways is the national carrier of Kuwait. It is based on the grounds of Kuwait International Airport, where its hub is also located. Established in 1954, the airline is one of the oldest airlines in the Middle East. A career in Kuwait Airways means that you get the chance to be a part of the airline’s history and create new chapters together. At first, the Kuwait government had a joint venture with other Kuwaiti businessmen, but when the airline went through hardships, the government bought 50% of Kuwait Airways. Later on, as times were still tough, the government took over the company full, as it owned 100% of its shares. As of today, the company is privatized. It entered the jet age in 1962, Kuwait Airways leased the Comet 4-C, the world‘s first aircraft powered by a jet engine. A decade later it purchased its first wide-body aircraft. Currently, the airline has a fleet of 26 aircraft, with both Airbus and Boeing brands represented with such aircraft as the Airbus A320, A330 or the Boeing 777. A career in Kuwait Airways is very likely if you are a licensed pilot or engineer on these aircraft types.

The airline is expecting more aircraft to arrive soon, as it plans its expansion connecting Kuwait with the rest of the world. Kuwait Airways serves 34 destinations worldwide, mostly focusing on Asia and the Middle East. But the carrier has plans to expand its network of destinations with the newly arriving aircraft, eventually aiming to reach 40 served countries around the world. The longest route on Kuwait Airways’ destination map is a flight between Kuwait International Airport and New York’s JFK International Airport. Fly high in the bright skies with Kuwait Airways and explore your career options in the airline! There are career opportunities available for Pilots, Cabin Crew and Engineers.

Qatar Airways

Welcome to a world where ambitions fly high.

From experienced pilots to dynamic professionals embarking on new careers, Qatar Airways is searching for talented individuals to join our award-winning team.

We take pride in our people—a dynamic and culturally diverse workforce is essential to why we are one of the finest and fastest growing airlines in the world.

We offer competitive compensation and benefit packages.

About your job:In this role you will deliver excellent service at the airport, helping create a stress free environment for customers travelling with Qatar Airways. You will ensure passengers receive total quality service and adhere to the safety policy and security standards of the company.

Accountabilities include:

  • Delivering the highest level of Customer Service at all customer touch points
  • Constant liaison with Check-in, Boarding Gate, Ramp, Cargo, Lounge.
  • Supervising service partners’ activities for the smooth acceptance of passengers.
  • Directing Arriving/Departing passengers to respective areas such as Arrival Hall, Transfer Area, Departure Gate, Lounge, etc
  • Checking entry requirements (visas, residence permits) are met
  • Coordinating with Cargo, Fuelling company, Baggage Make up Area, aircraft loading team, catering suppliers for a smooth turnaround
  • Handling of company mail
  • Performing pre- and post-flight administration duties
  • Handling baggage claims
  • Ensuring compliance with QR Safety and Security requirements.
  • On Time Performance

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