Financial management

  • To work closely with the PEC’s Operations Director and the BIICL Finance Director to monitor the PEC’s and the Bingham Centre’s expenditure and income
  • To identify potential or actual risks (financial or otherwise) to the PEC and the Bingham Centre and to take all reasonable steps to minimise or eliminate the risk in all dealings with partners and contractors
  • To assist with the monitoring and compliance of budget expenditure
  • To lead in the preparation of detailed financial reports for the PEC and the Bingham Centre
  • To track impact indicators in the PEC’s impact framework under the direction of the PEC’s Operations Director, and
  • To process PEC and Bingham Centre expenses and expense reporting
  • To liaise with BIICL’s Finance Director on budgetary, management reporting and financial administration matters.
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Administrative management

  • To proactively support the PEC/Bingham Director and Operations Director in ensuring that the PEC and the Bingham Centre meet their objectives on time, on budget and to a high quality
  • To provide an administrative support function for the PEC and the Bingham Centre
  • To identify, establish, develop and seek to spread viable best practices in process management, contribute to the development of project processes and support their implementation in the wider project community
  • To draft, prepare and distribute governance board meeting agendas, papers and minutes
  • To carefully check and monitor all aspects of the PEC’s contractual and delivery documentation
  • To manage all aspects of travel and meeting arrangements and logistics for the project staff
  • To engage with the relevant functions in BIICL and partner organisations, ensuring the adequate flow of information within the PEC and the Bingham Centre, between the partners in the PEC and between the PEC and other partners
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