How To Study In New Zealand On A Budget

With high-quality educational programs, unique locations, friendly residents and incredible adventure opportunities, it’s easy to see why New Zealand is such a great place to study abroad.

I keep thinking about my experience of studying abroad in New Zealand, whether I’m browsing through my panoramic photos or dreaming to relive the sensations of extreme adventure. I am confident that I got the most out of my studies there and I can honestly say that it is really possible to live in New Zealand with a student budget.

Although flights to New Zealand are not the cheapest on the market, there are countless ways to save money without sacrificing the ability to check your bucket list abroad. In addition, the conversion rate will work to your advantage, as 1 USD currently corresponds to 1.52 NZD, which means that your US money will continue to New Zealand. To ensure that while studying in New Zealand you will find everything you can without breaking the bank, here are 9 tips to keep you on budget.

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Use InterCity for Transportation

InterCity is a huge bus service that serves around 600 locations in New Zealand, and it is often the cheapest transportation option in the country. I am usually reluctant to take the bus because I am more attracted to travelling by taxi or train, but InterCity really refutes most of the negative traits often associated with buses (for example, slow routes and passenger comfort levels) unattractive). They even have a night option with flatbeds between Auckland and Wellington. If you book well in advance, you can even get $ 1 for some routes. InterCity also offers every hour bus passes, called InterCity FlexiPass, whereby you pay in advance per hour and receive a discounted rate.

Discover the Free Hiking Trails

New Zealand is considered the adventure capital of the world, and of course bungee jumping, parasailing and skydiving are all fascinating experiences. If you’ve been to New Zealand, you’ll probably want to try some adrenaline experiences between classes or weekends.

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Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on one of the activities listed above, consider exploring New Zealand’s captivating hiking trails such as the Tauranga Brook Suspension Bridge Loop Loop and the Long Bay Walk. The hikes not only offer an optimal view of the attractive landscape, but they are also a thrill comparable to expensive extreme thrill activities. Not to mention that they are all completely free, which is perfect for your student budget.

Take Advantage of BYOW Restaurants

After reading the books for a week, you may want a glass of world-famous New Zealand white wine while dining in one of New Zealand’s renowned restaurants. (Related: here are the best recommendations for eating and drinking in New Zealand that you should try if you are studying abroad.)

Why don’t you bring your own bottle of wine? There are actually a lot of “BYOW” restaurants in NZ, many in Auckland. If you really want to stay close to your wallet, you can also uncork your bottle of wine yourself and combine it with a meal you made at home.

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Snag Yourself a City Pass

As you will learn by talking to local classmates, there are two “big” capitals in New Zealand: Wellington and Auckland. Both cities contain many sights, including observatories, zoos, museums and much more. You will probably want to explore them all to get a better understanding of the culture and history of the country, but unfortunately, it can be expensive to go to these sights in the city. Fortunately, Wellington and Auckland offer a City Pass that allows you to view various of the city’s sights at a set discounted rate.

Do your Grocery Shopping at Pak’nSave

Just like Costco, Pak’nSave is a chain of food warehouses that generally sell the cheapest food on the market. In fact, their slogan is simply said: “Our policy: the lowest food prices in New Zealand”.

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Pakn’Save is particularly economical when you purchase large quantities of food at the same time. So if you plan to have dinner for your classmates, make sure that Pak’nSave is the place where you buy all your ingredients.

Skip the Souvenirs — Send Photos to your Loved Ones Instead

Almost all New Zealand’s gift shops always sell soft Merino sheep wool and world-famous pots of Manuka honey. In the beginning, these items seem like attractive gifts to take home and with family and friends, but they have a price – a high price.

Why not send a picture of the beautiful landscapes to your loved ones instead of ruining yourself with such gifts? You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take a picture of the beautiful mountain ranges or coasts. Moreover, your loved ones will appreciate having a direct view of your study sites abroad.

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