How to Rotate a Video clip in Adobe Premiere Pro

How to Rotate a Video clip in Adobe Premiere Pro
How to Rotate a Video clip in Adobe Premiere Pro

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Joninet teaches you how to rotate a video clip in Adobe Premiere Pro to the orientation and aspect ratio you’d like.


Start or open a project in Adobe Premiere Pro. Do so by double clicking on the purple app icon with the letters “Pr” then clicking on File in the menu bar at the top of the screen.

  • Click on New… to start a new project or Open… to open an existing project.
  • If the video you want to rotate isn’t already in the project, import it by clicking on File and then Import….
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2 Click on and drag the video you want to rotate from the “Project” tab to your Timeline.

Click on Motion. It’s near the top of the “Effect Controls” menu.



Enter the degrees of the rotation you’d like. Type the number in the field to the right of Rotation.

  • To rotate a video that’s upside-down, type “180.”
  • To rotate a video between portrait and landscape, type “90” for a clockwise rotation or “270” for a counterclockwise rotation.
    • Performing this type of rotation will cause some of the image to disappear and black bars to appear on the clip. To fix this, adjust the aspect ratio:
    • Click on Sequence in the menu bar, then click on Sequence Settings near the top of the menu.
    • Swap the numbers that appear in the “Frame Size:” part of the “Video” section of the dialog box. For example, if frame size reads “1080 horizontal” and “1920 vertical,” edit the settings to read “1920 horizontal” and “1080 vertical.”
    • Click on OK, then click on OK, again.
  • Your video is rotated and can be edited or spliced with other videos.
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