Dublin Tourist Attractions – Top 5 Things To Check Out In Dublin{Ireland]

One of the best reasons to visit Ireland is the number of museums, attractions and historic points of interest that do not charge entry fees. Among the top 10 Irish attractions listed here are some of the best attractions related to history, heritage and culture. In fact, the list of free attractions is much larger than the list covered in this article, that one could spend a week in Ireland visiting free attractions, and that there are still many lefts.

The list of attractions suggested in this article is:

  1. National Gallery of Ireland
  2. National botanical gardens
  3. National Museum of Ireland – Archeology
  4. Irish Museum Modern Art
  5. Chester Beatty Library

The National Gallery of Ireland is located on Merrion Square where you can explore the national collection of European and Irish fine art. Like all the other attractions mentioned here, admission is free although temporary exhibitions which are an optional addition to the gallery require an entrance fee. The gallery officially opened in 1864 with a collection of only 112 images, a number that has been greatly exceeded since then.

he National Botanic Gardens are located on the outskirts of Glasnevin in Dublin, just 3 km from Dublin city center. The gardens have been laid out as an oasis offering visitors the opportunity to enjoy their peaceful and beautiful surroundings. The botanical gardens have a long affiliation with the cultivation of orchids and were successfully cultivated for the first time in 1840 in these gardens. The centerpiece of the gardens is the wrought iron greenhouse that dates back to the Victorian ear. Few structures like this exist today in Europe. Each of the other four attractions mentioned here is within walking distance of each other, however, a Dublin car rental might be recommended for the National Botanic Gardens. Alternatively, Dublin bus lines 4, 9 and 83 will take you to the gardens.

The National Museums of Ireland is a collection of three museums, three of which are located in Dublin and one in County Mayo, all of which are free. However, don’t let the free entry discourage you, some of the exhibits in these museums are world-class standards. The National Museum of Ireland – Archeology holds a treasure chest of prehistoric objects, fossils, and gold. The museum opened in 1890 and is located in the center of Dublin.

The Kilmainham Museum of Modern Art is easily accessible via the Luas Red Line. The museum continues to be well regarded internationally as a place for teaching art and literature. The museum regularly offers visitors a selection of exhibitions which generally last three or four weeks.

The Chester Beatty Library has a fascinating history, in a city full of fascinating history. Chester Beatty became a very wealthy man through the extraction of copper. Once his fortune has amassed so much that he no longer needs to manage his mines, he turns to his true love, namely ancient manuscripts and Asian art. In 1956, at the time of his death, he bequeathed the entire collection, recognized as one of the most beautiful collections in the world, to the city of Dublin. Again, this attraction is located in the center of Dublin.

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