Dubai Expo 2020: All You Need To Know And Things Needed

This is the date that everyone in the UAE is looking forward to, but what can we expect when 20 October 2020 arrives? Let’s explain

What is the Expo?

It is a global destination where millions of people share ideas, present innovation, encourage collaboration and celebrate human resourcefulness. They are organized every five years and the last six months.

The first world exhibition took place in 1851 at the Crystal Palace in London and was known as the “Great Exhibition on the Works of the Industry of All Nations”. He presented around 100,000 objects that present the inventions of the industrial revolution.

Some of the amazing inventions presented to the world at an exhibition include the telegraph in London in 1851, the typewriter in Philadelphia in 1876, the diesel engine in Paris in 1900, the colour television in New York in 1964, the IMAX film in Osaka in 1970 and wireless trams in Yeosu in 2012.

The last exhibition, which began in 2015, was held in Milan, Italy, under the theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for life”. One of the resulting inventions is sun shafts and energy-efficient lifts, which could be useful for the UAE for all high-rise buildings.

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How did Dubai win?

These are the words that took place in 2013 and provoked jubilation scenes, both in Paris at the General Meeting of the International Exhibitions Bureau (IBE), the international organization responsible for monitoring, regulating and selecting the candidate for the scholarship, and the United Arab Emirates. the residents waiting for the result of the vote of the 164 members of the eligible country. Dubai won an overwhelming majority with 116 votes, leaving Yekaterinburg, Russia, with only 47 votes.

“I am proud of our teams who have won this Dubai victory with two years of hard work, dedication and dedication,” said Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, vice president and CEO of Dubai. “We are renewing our promise to astonish the world in 2020.”

Reem Al Hashemi, Minister of State and Executive Director of the Dubai World Expo 2020 bid committee, had previously given an emotional speech to the IBE Committee. She received a thunderous applause for her 20-minute presentation with videos about Dubai’s strengths in diversity, infrastructure and stability.

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When the victory was announced, fireworks invaded the sky of Dubai as they left the Burj Khalifa for thousands of smiling faces. Sheikh Mohammed then announced vacations for all educational institutions in the United Arab Emirates.

Where is it being held?

The Expo location is in the South Dubai region, near Al Maktoum International Airport. The site covers 4.38 square kilometres and has four main entrances. The 2020 Dubai Metro route brings 46,000 passengers per hour to and from the Expo site in less than 16 minutes from the Dubai Marina.

What can visitors expect?

Al Wasl Plaza will be the heart of Expo 2020. It would bring together a physical manifestation of the main theme of Expo, namely “Connect the mind to create the future”. Important events such as the opening and closing ceremony will take place here.


In April 2017, the public was introduced to the way in which the Al Wasl Plaza shopping centre is expected to be formed. A dome is configured to act as a 360-degree screen at night and project images for thousands of visitors both indoors and outdoors.

The dome will be 65 meters high by 150 meters in diameter and will welcome around 10,000 visitors, said Ahmed Al-Khatib, vice president of real estate at Expo 2020 Dubai. Filled with fountains, waterfalls, parks and courtyards lined with palm trees, the dome will be partially open to the sky above.

You can read more here and view more views of Al Wasl Plaza.

Each participating country will have its own pavilion and a pavilion will also be provided for each of the main themes – sustainability, mobility and opportunities.

What will the legacy be?

According to the official Expo 2020 website, old plans are “big and ambitious”. “We hope to stimulate the development of a knowledge economy here in Dubai, anchored on the Expo site itself, which remains an attractive destination for visitors, students and companies after the event. Companies specializing in technologies, social entities and educational institutions,” says More than 80% of the site must be reused or transformed in the previous phase.

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“We are building a city in southern Dubai that will stay here and will strengthen the many other growth projects of our leaders for the country,” said Marjan Faraidooni, Senior Vice President of Heritage Development and Development. impact on Expo 2020 Dubai. The national in July.

Siemens has already announced that it will install its global logistics base on the Expo site from 2021 and adds that other companies are actively considering this path.

A conference and exhibition centre becomes an important building in the master plan for the exhibition and is an important event location managed by the Dubai World Trade Center.

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