Considering A Vacation In Washington DC – Here Are Some Vacation Spots

1. Ocean City:

Ocean City, the most popular resort on the east coast, is the busiest vacation destination. Based in the state of Maryland, the city is the most populated by tourists during the summer. The beach is the main attraction of Ocean City. Assateague Island is a children’s favorite because it is home to wild ponies! With its first-class restaurants and active nightlife, Ocean City is also an adult favorite. With its beautiful beaches, amusement parks, museums, golf clubs, and shopping centers, this is the best place for a family vacation near Washington DC.

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2. Colonial Williamsburg:

This small area of ​​Williamsburg, Virginia is a living history museum! In the 18th century, it was the capital of colonial Virginia and a popular place for political discussions and conferences. All important buildings such as the courthouse were rebuilt to represent the time. Costumed employees work and dress like the people of this century. It is populated by many reenactors of history who work as tourist guides, but the hiring of one is not necessary. The living museum is open to the general public free of charge. Museums can be boring for adults and children, but this interactive museum is very popular with everyone.

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3. Shenandoah Valley:

Located in western Virginia, Shenandoah Valley is a lover’s favorite. It spans two hundred miles across the Blue Ridge and the Allegheny Mountains. Nicknamed “Big Valley”, it is the location for filming multiple films and music videos, etc. He has inspired many popular music and dance performances in popular culture. This valley of the perfect image, with its breathtaking view, is a popular camping destination.

4. Richmond, VA:

Here is another city loved by history buffs. The state capital building in Richmond in a popular tourist spot as it was designed by Thomas Jefferson himself. And when you need a break from history, the thrilling roller coaster of Kings Dominion is exactly where you want to be. The Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden with its rare flowers and domed veranda is also a well-known attraction. Many people also travel to Richmond to pay tribute to the victims of the Holocaust at the Virginia Holocaust Museum. The museum is open to the public free of charge.

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5. Omni Bedford Springs Resort:

If you are planning a romantic vacation with your sweetheart, then this Pennsylvania resort is the place to be. The property itself is a national historic monument. The sources of Bedford, each with its unique mineral composition, are said to be of great medicinal value. Their home is perfect for an autumn night and many couples meet around the fire every night. They have a large golf course and a great spa. Their friendly staff provides a magical and romantic experience at the resort.

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Washington DC is known for its museums, historic trails, and political events. Few people know that it is surrounded by great vacation destinations.

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