Coca Cola Job Vacancies in Malaysia

One of the most crucial positions at Coca-Cola is the merchandiser. Responsible for ensuring that deliveries make it to retailers in their designated area, this position is a great pick for people who thrive in a highly physical environment. If you are interested in this position, you may want to find out more about the Coca-Cola merchandiser job description. Further below, we will be covering the main job duties of this position and other important details

Coca-Cola Merchandiser Job Duties
The primary function of a Coca-Cola merchandiser is to transport products from the warehouse to retailers in a designated area. You will be responsible for accurately tracking product stock levels in your vehicle and getting signatures from clients once deliveries are finished. In addition, you will also regularly set up product displays and other advertising material. The primary responsibilities of a Coca-Cola merchandiser include:

Transporting merchandise to various retailers in a designated area
Maintaining a positive image that adheres to company standards
Making recommendations to vendors to help increase growth
Preparing product displays and other promotional material
Operating your box truck in a safe and responsible manner

The most important thing to remember about the work environment for Coca-Cola merchandisers is that this position is extremely physical in nature. You will regularly be lifting containers that weigh as much as 75 pounds throughout your workday.

In addition, a large portion of your shift will be spent crouching and on your knees rearranging product stock levels. You should also be comfortable performing overhead reaching movements as well. The ability to safely operate a box truck is also crucial for this position.

While the Coca-Cola merchandiser may be very physically demanding, it’s also one of the more rewarding positions at the company. With a wide range of benefits and a decent starting pay rate, it’s a good position for both new and experienced workers to consider. To find out more about these types of openings, head over to the Coca-Cola careers page for more information.

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