Cleaner Job Vacancies in Canada

Cleaners are responsible for a wide range of cleaning and housekeeping duties in corporate and residential settings. They may be employed by a cleaning agency, or they may be self-employed. Cleaners work part-time or full-time, and depending on the type of work, cleaners may regularly work second or third shift and weekends. Cleaners working in commercial properties often work in corporate offices, hotels, and restaurants.

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Cleaner Duties and Responsibilities

Cleaners are tasked with cleaning and light maintenance duties in both residential and commercial properties. Current job postings frequently list the following duties for cleaners:

General Cleaning

Whether working in a corporate office or residential home, cleaners are hired to not only create a clean and sanitary environment but also to make the space presentable and welcoming. Cleaners are therefore responsible for keeping their assigned areas clean, tidy, and sanitary as frequently as required.

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Waste Disposal

Cleaners empty trash cans and recycle bins in offices, conference rooms, and other areas daily. If working during the day, cleaners make sure that shared waste bins are timely emptied to prevent overflowing. Cleaners replace trash bags and bin liners where appropriate.

Clean and Stock Restrooms

Cleaners working in corporate office buildings are responsible for keeping restrooms cleaned in their assigned areas. At the minimum, cleaners clean and sanitize restrooms daily during the workweek, including sinks, toilets, and floors, ensuring that paper goods and soap dispensers are properly stocked.

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Clean Floors and Surrounding Areas

Cleaners vacuum carpeted areas and mop floors as assigned in offices, hallways, conference rooms, customer areas, and elsewhere as needed. Cleaners also dust baseboards and spot clean walls.

Stock and Maintain Cleaning Supplies

Cleaners handle a variety of cleaning supplies and solutions every day, and therefore know best when it’s time to restock cleaning materials. Cleaners monitor supply levels and communicate restocking needs as required. Cleaners repair and replace cleaning tools when needed.

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