Zlatan Ibrahimovic: LA Galaxy striker was cocky as usual in his Jimmel Kimmel appearance

Zlatan Ibrahimovic: LA Galaxy striker was cocky as usual in his Jimmel Kimmel appearanceZlatan Ibrahimovic and Jimmel Kimmel

Zlatan Ibrahimovic makes a guest appearance on Jimmel Kimmel show in LA.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the most pompous personality in world football and appearing as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel, the now LA Galaxy striker was his cocky as usual.

Ibrahimovic is certainly one of the best players of his generation and he does not miss an opportunity to tell anyone that.

I think my confidence is what people have noticed is very high,” he said.


My mental quality is bulletproof so whatever I do I will be the one I want today, so I’m just like I chose football, so I’m sorry to other fans that are cheering for other sports,” he said when he was asked if he would have been great in another sport."

Show host Jimmy Kimmel wanted to know if any of Ibrahimovic’s teammates have ever been intimated or unhappy with his big personality.

No, no, I make them superstars just like I made it,” the former Manchester United striker said.


But of course, the veteran striker wasn’t just on the show to talk about how great he is, he got to touch on other issues as well including his plans for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia and his reception in the United States.

Ibrahimovic going to the 2018 World Cup?

There have been speculations on if he will come back from international retirement to play for Sweden at the 2018 World Cup.

I'm going to the World Cup, yes,” he said.

I just said I'm going to the World Cup. If I say more, people will hang me so I have to be careful what I say now.

“A World Cup without me wouldn't be a World Cup.”

The 36-year-old striker was also cheeky when they asked him about the ad he ran on LA Times which reads, ‘Dear Los Angeles, You’re welcome’ when he signed for LA Galaxy.

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It has been a couple of years I had my eyes on Los Angeles and I wanted to give them a gift, I was thinking a long time and one day it came,” he said.

He scored a sensational volley from 40 yards- his first of his brace- on his LA Galaxy debut and the striker revealed that he the vision of the goal on his head before the game against LAFC on Saturday, March 31.


I had a vision before I came ‘I said when I come, I know there are some earthquakes in Los Angeles but this is me stepping on Los Angeles,” he said.

I wanted to make a statement, I mean every movie has a good start.”

Speaking further, he said he was surprised at the reception he has gotten in the United States.

In Europe football is big, wherever I go, people get crazy and people told me ‘when you get to Los Angeles, don’t worry you can walk on the street and that’ but since day one, people have been everywhere I go,” he said.

It’s my fault if you play the way I do you should expect it.

“Football is the biggest sports in the world, so imagine now when you play football and you are on top, how you feel. That’s what I feel.

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