Yemi Alade: Singer says she released 10 other songs before ‘Johnny’ became a hit.

Yemi Alade: Singer says she released 10 other songs before 'Johnny' became a hit.

Yemi Alade talks Johnny, her new album, family support and working through the process to becoming self made.

Yemi Alade is one of the most successful artistes out of the continent and she recently spoke on her experiences and latest album, Black Magic.

In an interview with Luc Belaire, the singer shed light on her journey to the top, the impact of her hit single, Johnny and how she hopes to inspire little kids with her music.

Yemi Alade not long ago concluded the European leg of her Black Magic Tour with a successful concert in Netherland bringing an end to a trip that has seen her perform in several cities like London, France, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Spain, Finland, and Belgium.

On her dreams growing up, she says, ''I wanted to be an astronaut at some point, then a nurse, then a teacher… I wanted to be anything and everything I could be while growing up, but for some reason I ended up being a musician.

With music, It will always be my therapy but I just failed to admit to myself on time that was what I wanted to do and my parents supported me because they saw it way before me''.

The moment she decided to take music seriously

''I loved the idea of being an artiste but I just had not considered it.

That moment happened to me in 2010, when I won the talent show, I knew it was time because I actually did not even expect to make it to the Top six and I emerged winner…

I didn't know how much power or what was in me but day by day I grew to realise that.''

On what makes her nervous as an artiste

''No audience is ever the same, like I could perform in the same city, at the same venue to a different set of audience, but there is no telling what there reaction will be… that keeps me on my toes''.

Speaking on how Johnny changed her life, she says, ''After the reality show comes the reality that a superstar cannot be made in three months… I had released over 10 songs then Johnny happened to me, that was my next big jump.

Asked if she would change anything in her career process in comparison with today's usage of technology in sharing songs, ''Everything in life that has its advantage has its disadvantage, being able to just put out a song online or post something on Instagram and become an online sensation is that in a blink of an eye, just as you came, you might just leave,'' she says.

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Yemi Alade defines success as her ability to give back to the society in a huge way, and states that her third studio album, Black Magic is a celebration of her journey and encourages people that there is a little piece of magic to the struggle.

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