Stranger Things: Man bites baby girl he was trying to rape just to deceive mum

Stranger Things: Man bites baby girl he was trying to rape just to deceive mumMan bites baby girl he was trying to rape when mum caught him

The police has arrested a man who attempted to rape a baby before its mother walked in on him.

Dare, an 18-year-old man who attempted to rape a baby decided to bite the infant when its mother walked in on him.

This happened in Alagbado, Lagos, where the suspect was tortured by a mob.


The group forced a confession from Dare whose movement was hindered because he was tied with a rope.

A post published via Instagram today confirmed that he has been handed over to the police.

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Lady raped by uncle survives and gives hope to abused people like her

Many life problems, encouraged by an unfriendly circle had been the norm for a young lady Beauty, before she became the owner of an NGO, "I don't Hide My Scars".

The platform runs on social media. It is the result of a combination of challenges a 22-year-old Beauty was made to suffer while growing up.

One of the instances of such was in the hands of an uncle who raped her during a visit to his residence.


The uncle appeared to be building on a bad example already set by an abusive father who subjected her to sexual violence.

"I was so happy. I thought he was a good uncle, so I went to his house.

"And he told me that I should go and take the money, that he has kept the money on top of a bed in his room," says Beauty while revealing the moment her uncle raped her.

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The need to gather money for her mother's treatment put her in a nasty situation that has left her scarred for life. The sad scenario might have made part of the motivation for Beauty who threatened to kill her father whose act of domestic violence let his wife to be hospitalized.

"I told my father that if he touched my sister, I was going to kill him, write a note telling everyone what he had been doing to me and then I'd kill myself," an abused Beauty stated with intent while recounting her reaction after seeing her sister on the lap of their father.

Constant pain had turned Beauty into a savage beast who was ready to protect her younger sister from the affliction that befell her while growing up.

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A new menace came in the guise of good fortune when a woman, Madam Stella, saw her hawking on a street.

Madam Stella had noticed a valuable potential in her but it was for her own good and entailed the job description of a stripper.

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