Self Reflection: The truth about ‘self’

Self Reflection: The truth about 'self'A way to enrich one's life is through a regular practice of self-reflection.

What you make out of yourself is your only ticket to a quality life that you desire and I am not talking about the cosmetic front we put up before people; I am talking about the ‘you’ that you have become.

Self is a reflection of your own consciousness. It is who you are and it is what you have made out of who you are.

Self—The ‘you’ in you

It is a carrier of all that you think and see of you. Sometimes we do not really pay the right attention to the reflection of the person we see in front of the mirror and I am not talking about just the physical self but the self both in our consciousness and sub-consciousness.

The person we see in front of the mirror behind closed door when no one is looking is really the person you are and that is the person we should aim to work on. What you make out of yourself is your only ticket to a quality life that you desire and I am not talking about the cosmetic front we put up before people; I am talking about the ‘you’ that you have become.



This is the first step to knowing the truth about you. This step will help you to have an unconfused perception of your personality like your strengths, emotions, weaknesses, values, beliefs, thoughts and what motivates you. You must recognise who you are and the difference between you and your environment.

You must place value on you and realise that no matter how much you are being told you look like someone else that you are uniquely made and cannot be duplicated. Your self-awareness will lead to your self-confidence which will in turn lead you to a happy and productive life because it will get to show you your life purpose instead of living a life of aiming everywhere and yet nowhere.

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You need to take control of your life. Becoming aware of who you truly are will guide you into taking charge of the outcome of your life as God has deposited inside of you. Set goals for yourself and make choices in line with your goals. The choices you make will determine how far or how close you are to your goals. However, remember that you are free to make choices but you are not free from the consequences of those choices so be wise and choose rightly. Self –empowered life is a life that will not let its environment determine or detect who and what he/she becomes. Emerge from your shadows and blossom.


I am going to list this but with a bit of restraint because I believe in a bit of modesty in all we do. Allow yourself into things that you love and are passionate about. It’s okay to pamper yourself, laugh out loud, listen to yourself and treat yourself nicely. You have been too hard on yourself and cared for everyone around you but yourself.

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Your relationships will improve and become more fruitful when a happy you emerge so take time out to yourself and do those things you have always wanted to do that bring you joy and peace. Don’t go through life wishing you had done this or done that and have a bucket full of regrets.

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Never let a low self-esteem rob you off your potentials. Always have a mind-set that you are as important as anyone else out there and the value you place on yourself will determine the value others place on you. Love yourself and that includes your body flaws since those flaws are already there and might not be going anywhere, find a place in your heart to accept them, love them and make the best out of them.


Many picture-perfect people you see have flaws either hidden or not but they have learned to live above them and so should you. Your low self-esteem is what is robbing you of your self-confidence which makes you believe someone else looks better or is better than you. The sky is open to accommodate anyone who attempts to aim for it, so do not rob yourself of the opportunity to try.


Avoid this by all means. When things don’t work out as planned or as expected, you don’t need a pity party to come rescue you. Life sometimes throws us lemons and what you do with these lemons is entirely up to you and your decision over these lemons is the difference between a thriving life and a stagnant complaining life. Awful things do happen but dust yourself and stand; don’t drench yourself in a life of sorrow, sadness and bitterness.

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It is a safe place to blame our circumstances and every other person but us for the poor outcome of our lives but the good news is that they are not the reason why your life is in a depressive position as you have the power to take charge and rock your boat to the direction you want it to go.

Written by Laurel Ake.

Laurel is a motivational speaker, writer, relationship & life adviser, inspiring and motivating people to become the best they can be. She believes you can and you should.

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