Relationship Talk With Bukky: I love my wife so much but I want a 2nd wife

Relationship Talk With Bukky: I love my wife so much but I want a 2nd wife3 convenient truths about a friends-with-benefits relationship

Although I have a wife and I love her so much, I am seriously considering taking my side chick of seven years as a second wife.

Dear Bukky,

I’m planning to get a second wife.

I have been in relationship with this (other) lady for seven years now. I love them both. Please advise me.

Dear reader,

Don’t do it. Actually, that you have been dating someone else for that long is bad enough as it is; making it ‘formal’ only worsens it and that’s not good for you in any way.

If you have a problem with your wife as you said in the mail, you really just need to end the relationship with that other woman and concentrate and righting the seven-year-long wrongs you have committed against your wife.

Whatever it is that your marriage lacks which pushed you into the other woman’s arms can be discussed with your wife. I mean, you love her so much and that is the basis on which your repentance needs to be placed.

There’s no way it makes sense for you to take a second wife.  Please don’t do it.
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