Pulse List: Common first time traveller mistakes

Pulse List: Common first time traveller mistakesCommon first time traveller mistakes

We give you some of the common mistakes one can make as a first time traveller and how to avoid them.

It is very natural to make a few mistakes when going on a major trip for the first time. Here is a list of the common first time traveller mistakes.

1. Packing heavy


Whether it is a long holiday or just a backpack trip, figuring out what to take and what to leave behind can be daunting. It is always advisable to pack light, so as to reduce loss of baggage, easy movement, and space for souvenirs. Practice makes perfect, so check out these essential tips to packing light.


2. Not enough Research on costs

Having a rough idea of how much things like taxis, hostels and food should cost you is important for embarking on a trip, especially if you are budget travelling. As a tourist, locals might try to exploit you, so knowing the prices beforehand will help a lot.

3. Planning

Planning too much or too little can throw curveballs to your trip. It is best to find a balance.

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4. Untimely buying of souvenirs

As tempting as they can be, an easy way to overspend is buying lots of souvenirs even when you are not sure about your funds. Best thing is to wait till the end before getting your souvenirs.

5. Underestimating distances

Before you set your travel plans into stone, ask around and do research. Long distances that you weren't ready for can really mess up your trip and leave you really stressed out. Maps can be pretty deceiving sometimes and it is very common to underestimate the distances between places – both actually distance but also travel time.

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