Pulse List: 5 celebrities who inspire us with their quotes on social media

Pulse List: 5 celebrities who inspire us with their quotes on social mediaRMD

Here are 5 celebrities who give us inspiration with the messages they post on social media.

Since the advent of social media, celebrities have taken to the platform for different purposes, some for the glamour while others inspire us with their messages.

Sometimes when these celebrities post these messages on their pages, it is either they are trying to inspire people or hitting the nail in the head on social issues bothering our society.

We will be sharing with you, 5 celebrities who give us inspiration with they messages the post on social media.

1. Adesua Etomi


You could say Adesua Etomi is what we call beauty with brains and you won't get it all wrong because she indeed is one smart lady. When it comes to saying things that can inspire people, Adesua is your best bet as she can pass for a motivational speaker. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter then you would get a feel for some really nice and encouraging words from the gorgeous actress.

2. Tonto Dikeh


If you are surprised that Tonto Dikeh made this list then let's break it down for so you can have an idea while checking Tonto out on Instagram can be inspiring. A close look at her Instagram page daily reveals a different side to the actress. If Tonto is not inspiring her followers, she is preaching and taking chapters from the Holy Bible to back up her messages.

3. Ali Baba


We all know that Ali Baba is referred to as the father of stand up comedy in Nigeria but he is one vocal social commentator. Apart from being vocal with his views on social issues, he always uses his Instagram page to talk about social topics bothering the ordinary Nigerian.

Ali Baba doesn't beat around the bush, he has been able to draw a lot of followers on his social media platform because of his fearless tackle of issues in the country. Ali Baba once in a while gets to help entrepreneurs on his Instagram showcase their businesses for free! What else can be more inspiring?

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4. Femi Jacob


Femi Jacob is one talented actor who has been able to become a well-known face in the entertainment industry in just a few years. If you think he is just talented on screens alone then maybe you should just click on his Twitter page and follow him. You will be bedazzled with the kind of tweets this dashing young man shares. He inspires a lot of his followers and those who just bump into them. Femi sometimes sends across his messages in a hilarious way but we all know what he means.

5. Richard Mofe-Damijo


Don't get it, twisted guys, because, despite his fine boy looks, RMD is one celebrity you have to follow on social media if you are in the mood to get inspired. RMD might actually pass for a motivational speaker as he knows the right message to pass across on his social media page. We can recall how he once shared with everyone how he refused to buy followers on Instagram, citing it as an example for others to strive till they get what they want without following the easy way out.

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