Nathaniel Bassey: Singer announces rules for 2018 Hallelujah Challenge

Nathaniel Bassey: Singer announces rules for 2018 Hallelujah ChallengeNathaniel Bassey shares rules for 2018 Hallelujah Challenge

He shared the instructions via his social media account.

Nathaniel Bassey announces rules for  the 2018 Hallelujah Challenge.

The Gospel artiste shared special instructions for the online midnight praise and worship session, which begins on June 25, 2018, via his Instagram account.

In his words, "This year we'll add something very important to the challenge.

During the day in the 14-day HallelujahChallenge, everyone participating MUST make a commitment to tell at least one person about JESUS CHRIST, daily for 14 days. Share with them the message of Grace and Love and minister salvation to them."


Continuing, Nathaniel wrote, "And when we gather at midnight, one of the things we would give thanks for would be for the souls saved and won.

Imagine every one of us with at least 14 souls to the kingdom at the end of the challenge. Remember, at least One, 1. Which means you can do as much as possible. Our goal is to have 1million souls for Christ. So, one of the things we would pray about during the 7 Days of preparation next week, would be for a HARVEST OF SOULS."

The second instruction is to "get a notebook to write the names of these converts so we can pray for them during the program."

He concluded, "People of God, as we seek First His Kingdom, He will do the addition of THINGS to our lives. So pray for the grace and passion to reach out to the lost in the coming days. We are about to enter into one of the most unforgettable and glorious days of our lives. In Jesus' name."

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More on 2018 Hallelujah Challenge

This year's praise and worship session is going to be different from the first one.

Apart from the instructions, there is also a pre-hallelujah 7-day prayer exercise. It starts on 18–24 June 2018.


Bible verses to be used for the prayers include Psalm 89:20–29, Psalm 46, Isaiah 54:15–17 and Proverbs 18:10.

The purpose is to prepare spiritually for the event, which had 70,000 viewers last year and led to the release of a popular sing called Olowogbogboro ft Wale Adenuga.

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