Moneywise: 5 second-hand items you should not buy

Moneywise: 5 second-hand items you should not buy5 things you should not buy second-hand

It can be wasteful spending your money on used items that gives you no satisfaction. Here are five used you should not buy.

Buying a second-hand or a fairly used item can be a great way to save money but there are things you should never buy used, no matter how good the deal is.

The essence of spending your money on any item is to get values for your money, but spending your hard earned money on certain items could make you feel you've thrown the money away.

To avoid a purchase that causes you to regret spending your money on an item you desire, here are some of the fairly used items you should not spend your money on.

1. Tires


Tires are expensive and this is why many vehicle owners usually wear them before buying another set. It is easy to find a good deal on used tyres but see, you have to be very careful in buying them because there's a reason the seller wants to get rid of the tyres.

Buying used tyres is one of the things Nigerians consider as a black market because you won't really be able to assess them.

The tires could have dried out or lost its grip on the road. So, instead of considering buying a set of old or used tires, wait, and get new ones.

2. Makeup


Buying and selling of used makeup online is a common business in some part of the world and a lot of people are into it. Some of the beauty products that are put up for sale might not be hygienic and since it's online, you may not have the time to check them.

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Again, it is easy to get an eye infection from used beauty products since you really don't know what's lurking in that makeup container.

3. Undies


If you like to buy used items in a bid to save money, there are certain things you should not consider. Some things are not meant to be shared let alone passing them on to another.

4. Mattresses


Mattresses have a low lifespan of five to seven years depending on the quality of the bed. And if you consider buying a used one,  you might end up buying nightmares instead of comfort as the mattress may come with dust, bedbugs and other things you'll never wish to buy with your money.

5. Bicycle helmet


Before a used helmet is dropped and put up for sale, there might have been a problem with it. Buying this won't give you the satisfy the purpose you're buying it for. So, steer clear of used helmets and get a new one that will keep you safe.

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