Mike Tyson: Former Boxing champion wants to fight in WWE again

Mike Tyson: Former Boxing champion wants to fight in WWE againMike Tyson WWE

Mike Tyson made his first WWE appearance at Wrestlemania in 1998.

Former Boxing champion Mike Tyson has suggested that he wants to make a return and fight for the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Tyson featured as a guest at WrestleMania in 1998, as an enforcer in the wrestling match between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels dubbed Mike Tyson the 'Showcase of the Immortals'

The former heavyweight boxing champion of the world was adored by supporters of the WWE as he knocked out Michaels and counted for Stone Cold to emerge WWF champion.


In an interview with the WWE at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards Tyson indicated interest to return to the Wrestling ring when asked about a possible return.

He said, “I'm always willing to come back, I love the WWE. I'd love to be back.”

For his appearance at Wrestlemania 14 it is reported that Tyson earned up to £2.1m asides several other guest features.

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After Wrestlemania Tyson staged a brief comeback in 2010 when he featured as a guest host and also teamed up with Chris Jericho against D-Generation X.


Known as the king of knockouts during his time as a boxer, Triple H and Michaels inducted Tyson was inducted as part of the WWE Hall of Fame celebrity wing in 2012, 

There has been no affirmative response by the WWE to confirm if the 51-year-old could indeed make a return back to the wrestling ring.

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