Lola OJ: Beauty influencer’s blue hair is a big mood

Lola OJ: Beauty influencer's blue hair is a big moodLola OJ's ice blue hair is a big mood

If you're looking for your next hair colour inspiration, Lola OJ shows you how to flawlessly rock ice blue locks.

Lola OJ is a staple on the Lagos social scene and she's the queen of transformation. From purple to grey to blonde to blue, she's a chameleon when it comes to switching up her look. Now, the beauty influencer and creative entrepreneur's cool blue hair is a big mood.

Thanks to the magic of wigs and weaves, women are able to constantly switch up their look. This means we can play with colour without damaging our real hair; what a dream! Thanks to pop culture icons like Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim and Cardi B, coloured weaves have become huge with women trying every colour under the sun from mint green to multicoloured.

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Our very own unicorn Lola OJ, loves to play with colour. In the past she's sported bright purple locks, a cool grey bob and long luscious blonde locks but her latest look, poker straight ice blue hair is a big mood.

Do you dare play with colour?

Gather some inspiration from Lola OJ you will find yourself reaching for the hair dye in no time!


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