Hafsah Mohammed: 5 times the fashion blogger was a ray of sunshine

Hafsah Mohammed: 5 times the fashion blogger was a ray of sunshine5 times Hafsah Mohammed was a ray of sunshine

As colourful as she is stylish, it's no wonder Hafsah is one of the leading fashion bloggers in Nigeria and here's her being a positive ray of sunshine.

Hafsah Mohammed is a light in the Nigerian fashion industry. The fashion and lifestyle blogger has one of the most distinct senses of style and an innate passion for putting together a look. Never one to shy away from colour too, here's 5 times the fashion blogger was a ray of sunshine.

Hafsah is a part of a new generation of young and fashion-forward Nigerians who have managed to strike a delicate balance between old and new and come up with the signature style of the modern Nigerian woman that is both chic and modern.

The rise of the fashion industry in Lagos in particular has seen the city become the epicentre of the creative hub and has attracted a number of talented individuals keen to show off their flair and Hafsah is certainly one of them.

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On her blog, Hafymo, Hafsah writes, 'I decided to start blogging again with a whole new different concept and idea. I’m amazed and crazy inspired at how the media has changed the whole idea of modest fashion and will want to be a part of that change.

Although I’m still very new to the idea of modest fashion even if I have been a Muslim all my life, I would like to inspire other girls as I have been inspired by others.'

Hafsah does not allow her commitment to modest dressing get in the way of showing off her style chops and she constantly finds innovative and exciting ways to put outfits together.

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Here's how Hafsah successfully navigates the world of bright colours and shows us how to incorporate them into our wardrobe!




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