Easter: 5 ways to save money this holiday

Easter: 5 ways to save money this holiday5 ways to save money this Easter holiday

If you plan to be frugal this holiday, these five tips will help you in saving some money.

Easter holiday is coming and chances are that you'll spend more than you budget for.

If you are not financially prepared, you might end up spending some of your savings during the holiday.

So, before you have a dent in your pocket, here are five tips you can spend and still save money this Easter break.

1. Set a budget


Whether you are travelling or you're observing the break at home, you just have to set a budget to guide your expenses and prevent you from over-spending.

2. Use your credit/debit card wisely

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It is easy to indulge and overspend on holidays like Easter and because you have more time to spend with your family, you may want to take them out. Fine, it's a good thing to do.

However, while using your credit/debit card, you've got to keep a close check on your spending. If you really want to control your spending, it is advisable you do your shopping, treats with cash.

3. Bulk Buy


If you plan to buy gifts for a long list of people, then you can save yourself a small fortune by bulk purchasing. Watch out for supermarkets that will offer deals and discounts.

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4. Save money on Easter clothes


Everyone would love to wear new dresses and suits for this holiday. But if getting new dresses will affect your finances, there is nothing wrong if you wear your regular dressy clothes for holidays like Easter, I assure you, that will be the most frugal thing to do.

5. Keep it simple

Yea, it is Easter and you've got to celebrate it but while thinking about this, you seriously need to consider your pocket and your wallet too.

Whatever you are going to buy or do this Easter, do keep it simple. For instance, if you are buying treats for family and friends, simply keep it simple.

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