Depression/Suicide: Do Christians see pastors as their therapists?

Depression/Suicide: Do Christians see pastors as their therapists?Depression/Suicide: Do Christians see pastors as therapists?

Suicide survivor Apostle Bryan Meadows says yes and warns that this needs to stop.

Do Christians see preachers as their therapists when dealing with depression?

Suicide survivor Apostle Bryan Meadows believes this is the case and warns that this needs to stop, The Christian Post reports.

With the increase in depression-related suicide like CNN host Anthony Bourdain and iconic fashion designer Kate Spade,  he is asking Christians to seek proper help instead of treating their pastors like therapists.

According to  Apostle Meadows, who leads Embassy Church International in Atlanta, "Creatives need PASTORS and THERAPISTS!!! Your Pastor is NOT your therapist, and your therapist is NOT your Pastor. While everyone should utilize these resources in their life, for the CREATIVE it's absolutely necessary."

In his blog post, he explains his stance writing, "When your life is spent processing intense stimuli, emotions, and experiences, you have to address emotional and psychological constipation. When you are constantly living to make others happy and inspired, you need to understand how that takes a toll on your emotional and mental health."

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The spiritual side of depression/suicide

Apostle Meadows reveals, "My family has a history of depression and bipolar disorder. One thing that I have learned about generational curses, weakness and familiar spirits is that they are very patient. They will wait 30 years for you to be weak enough for them to take advantage of your vulnerability. They will wait you out until the perfect moment."


This is why he says suicide is a spirit.

In his words, "I want to be clear that suicide is a spirit. It is an influencing agent that troubles the mind with depression, paranoia, and deception to the point of self-destruction. Depression is a soulish weight that enters in by a distorted view of one's own self-worth. Low self-esteem and not understanding one's assignment is the catalyst and beginning of depression. Depression is NOT curable by drugs. While it can be treated by psychologist and helped by counseling and support groups, we cannot dismiss the technology of intercession and deliverance."

He goes on to offer Bible-based actions needed to combat suicide and live a purpose-filled life.

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"I believe that the gospel cannot be preached in its totality without including the purpose of people. We must teach people that everyone is here for a reason and that no one is insignificant," he explained.


According to a March report from The Christian Post, too many numbers of pastors have taken their own lives in the last five years. This was confirmed by Chuck Hannaford, a clinical psychologist with the Southern Baptist Convention who told The Gospel Coalition in 2016 that he says the rate of pastor suicides has increased during his 30 years of practice.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) adds that depression-related suicide is the second leading cause of death among young people around the world.

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