Culture and Premonition: The lucky ones

Culture and Premonition: The lucky onesAbiku, the wanderer child.

"…a cat supposedly has nine lives, so why can’t a human have more?"

Coincidence, fate, and most especially ‘luck’- What if we have it all wrong? What if…

Culture and premonition

My people; the Yorubas used to believe in checking in with the oracles the ‘akosejaye’ (destiny) of a child to know the ‘kadara’ (predestination). Sadly, that culture is almost irrelevant now as religion and faith have become wild spread. Checking with the oracle would almost immediately make known the birth of an ‘abiku’ (A child born to die (prematurely)). The spokesperson of the oracle popularly known as ‘babalawo’ these days would then advise lots and lots of ‘etutu’ (sacrifices) to appease the spirit world.

What if an abiku has no fault to begin with? And the spirit realm was  never the actual problem. What if the recurring death is not a result of a medical ailment or ‘disorder' of the genes yuda yada?

What if the child is an ardent sojourner– visiting, leaving and then visiting again- A never ending cycle, maybe. Experiencing the same life over and over again. After all, a cat supposedly has nine lives, so why can’t a human have more?

Ever considered that whilst we, the normal ones have claim to just one life, the abikus get several life lines.

The Gods must be crazy.


What if the barren was mistaken– And we all are for judging her? What if her being fruitful isn’t child related and even that which she could be has been curbed because of her inability to conceive a child? What of all she could be even without a child of her own?


Looking at the blind, and not wanting to imagine what he goes through by not having the ‘gift’ of sight, and then I thought; what if not having sight is his gift? What if he is the fortunate and blessed? He never gets to not see ‘beauty’.

He gets to see things not how he is expected to see them, but how he wants to see them through the power of imagination. He never has to see injustice or wickedness, he never gets to see darkness; it’s all the same.

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The deaf has seemingly no care in the world. Having to hear none of all that trouble going on in the world; engulfed by silence, enjoying her echo and feeling the chills.


Gonorrhea. HIV. Cancer. Heart diseases / problems. Most times, we learn to forget the importance of life (living). Most times, we let go of life’s values- Oh the things we do under the guise of our ‘immortality’.

In the face of sickness and diseases, the person of the supremacy is recognized much more and we realize that so much value could be given all within a short while. Beating the odds of a doctor’s speculated time? Mortality is appreciated and recognized and life’s beauty is appreciated more.

The doctrine called parenting.


Third world countries – Underdeveloped? 'Poor'? Ever imagined that we could be wrong? What if the third world countries are the lucky ones? No technology to 'confuse' them, no need to pretend to be who they aren't on social media, no cyber bulling, no comparison based on a particular glorifying standard which results in body shaming and low self esteem etc.


All these and many more resulting in low suicide and depression rates, less grumpiness and hatred: Could we be wrong?

"Maybe they are the lucky ones."

Written by Christiana Osun

Christiana is a writer dedicated to voicing out thoughts we’d rather not complete: Presenting our realities and sharing relatable experiences and thoughts provoking subjects. She’s sarcastic, fun loving and an enigma of possibilities.

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