A Complete Guide Of A Marine Surveyor Job In Washington DC

A marine surveyor is a person who conducts inspections of seagoing ships to assess and report on their condition and the products found there. They examine the underwater section of the hull while the ship is moored. The underwater parts inspected include the tail shaft, propellers, rudders and sea valves. The above water areas to check are hatch openings, free ports, fans, bulkheads and fittings. The inspector also checks the machines and their operation. It is their responsibility to ensure compliance with safety standards. After the inspections, the marine inspector prepares reports and makes suggestions for the repairs to be made and the measures to be taken. They also explore harbours, rivers and other bodies of water to help determine the topography and depth of the water, and even decide where the shore is.

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The salary depends on the location and the type of research carried out. The range can range from about $ 55,000 to almost $ 100,000 each year. In Colombia, South Carolina, for example, a marine surveyor earns about $ 55,000 a year while in Washington, DC, an average would be around $ 93,848.

Average salaries for other regions of the country are: Miami, FL $ 69,873; Philadelphia, PA $ 96,608; Nashville, TN $ 74,127; Tampa, FL $ 80,980; Seattle, WA $ 79,448; Minneapolis, MN $ 74,127; Los Angeles, CA $ 62,927 Cleveland, OH $ 74,127; Austin, TX 81 330; Portland, OR 77,492; Detroit, MI $ 81,721 and Raleigh, NC $ 74,127.

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Training and education

There is no national or international license requirement. Most marine surveyors receive their training through apprenticeships or by correspondence from online distance learning sites. It is not uncommon for someone to advertise their name with terms such as accredited, certified or qualified depending on where their training was received.


Examples of courses to be taken include the study of the maritime industry, maritime inspection practices, marine incident investigation, budgeting and accounting, effective writing and communication, ship architecture, law and insurance of maritime inspection, maritime safety and international safety codes.


The employment of a seafarer is in one of four different areas. Generally, they work as a government inspector, classification expert, expert in the field of yachts and small craft, or as a private expert or classification expert.

Government experts are involved in vessel registration surveys and foreign sailboat surveys. The government’s maritime investigation also maintains safety standards for ships. This speciality covers two areas: the flag state marine inspector and the port state maritime inspector. The flag state inspector reports to the government with which the vessel is registered and can issue warnings. The port state surveyor reports to the government that owns the waters in which the vessel is located. These surveyors have the legal authority to issue warnings and arrest vessels. In today’s world of constant terrorist threats, this is a very important area of ​​marine research.

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